Laptops ‘n’ More has been founded with one main principal, to sell 100% authentic and original products. We observed a lack of authentic products being sold online in Pakistan.  Literally based out of necessity really, especially around the IT and hardware markets across Pakistan, we found a lot of disinformation and misinformation, which used to result with people either buying fake products or repaired, refurbished or re-packed items across the board.

So we have made a promise to ourselves and our customers that we will never sell fake artifacts and tell it like it is / Sell it like it is. We aim to change the market practices towards a more authentic and reliable shopping experience for the Pakistani consumer. 

We import brand new and used Laptops and brand new accessories and also purchase products directly from manufacturers to sell online. We always test / review a product before we put it on our platform to sell it. We have developed Quality control and management Sop’s to ensure quality is delivered to all our customers.

We are ever busy  expanding our product portfolio, We not only want our customers to have an amazing online shopping experience but also guide them to buying what they really need versus them just spending on what they might not really need.

We are a registered firm with the FBR and Govt of Pakistan.

Our Promise:

  1. We promise to only sell 100% Authentic and genuine products.
  2. We will never misinform you just to make a sale.
  3. We Will never sell repaired or locally used items.